About the photoshop and the jme

excuse me.When i create a picture as a png or a tga in the photoshop cs2,but it can not be imported intjo the jme,is there any limited format ?thank you ~~ :?

PNG's work for me if they are not interlaced and the size is a power of 2

I have followed your advice but it dosen't work. :expressionless:

But when i use the picture that the jme has supplied for us works very well.~~~~ :?

Show us a code snippet and the error message…

This is the code and the test8.png is the picture which i created in photoshop cs2:

“URL ballTextureLoc=HelloWorld.class.getClassLoader().getResource(“jmetest/data/images/test8.png”);”

when the program  running that the url is null ,i am sure that the path is not wrong because i have put the picture that jme supplied for us in the same path that could work. :’(

ok… If you are using an IDE, for example Eclipse, you must choose 'Refresh' on your project if you add files to directories without using Eclipse. If you copy files by using windows explorer or whatever into your project path, they will not be automatically added to your classpath.

Maybe that is the problem.

Thank you , with your suggest it can work now . XD