ABRG8 Unsupported Error?

Hey guys,

Got this error from someone playing 3079. Not sure what causes this error, or how to avoid it… is this an option or something I can avoid using so my game can support this hardware?



  • Phr00t

Lol, silly message, ABGR not supported?!? :slight_smile: Did the user install the latest manufacturer drivers?

Is it maybee a linux user in console mode? ^^

Ha :stuck_out_tongue: I asked him his video card / driver combination… waiting for a response. He did have other 3D games, like Half Life 2, listed on his Desura page, which I assume works fine. Maybe the hardware is improperly reporting this “unsupported” feature, and other games don’t check for it, because they assume it is there? :confused:

Hm, HL is using DirectX, could still be a driver issue…