Absolute minimum hardware requirement for jME3

Hi all,

I am planning to upgrade my software from jME 2 to jME 3 and I am just wondering what is the absolute minimum graphics card requirement to run jME3? The wiki page states Intel graphics X4500, is that still accurate?

I have a lab full of generic machines with built-in intel chipset (I’m not sure what card specifically), but jME 2 runs fine on it. Just wondering if this is something that I have to worry about when I upgrade to jME 3.


Yes it can be something to worry about,

jME 3 is based on shaders, this means your graphic hardware need to support at least OpenGL 2.0.

You can have an overview of what intel cards support on this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_GMA#GMA_X4500

and X4500 seems to be ok

It looks like openGL 2.0 support goes all the way back to X3000. I suppose I should write a test on it to see if it runs on my lab computers, but is it safe to say that jME3 could run on the X3000?

How about downloading jME3 and try all the examples?

Yeah I started doing that now… Will report back to the group next week.