Absolutely amazing every developer should take a look

just watched this video and it blew my mind. The way this game is being designed using cloud computing to handle physics is absolutely amazing. Also I wonder if the city was procedurally generated.


WOW, looking at that video I just realized how inferior my game development skills are.

This is really amazing.

@em3plum, thanks for sharing.

To be honest, the physics look amazing, but this has not so much to do with being a good developer. Just rember that there are quite likly 50+ people working on this fulltime, while most games we do have like 1/8 person fulltime due to job/school whatever.
I wish I had that amount of money for my jme hobby project, it would look quite different then :wink:

→ If you had the same artTeam at your disposal, your JME game would look quite great already, now you need the physics :smile:

→ If you throw compute servers at a cleverly seperated bullet based game you could btw do pretty similar stuff. (Eg for a pretty simple case, give each building a task for overall stability, and each floor one for the floor alone) Now write them in a way you can execute them distributed and you are half the way.

→ The physics is mostl likely based on gpu stuff, even with 1 gpu and bullet the preview pipeline is quite amazing, and they use more than one computer.

→ I wouldn’t wonder if like half of the details that are non game releveant are actually computed on the clients

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OH MY GOD. This would be the most amazing thing ever if there werent for latency. I mean this would work like crap with anything else than under 10 ping right?

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Yeah, could be…

Sounds unbelievable, just playing to beleave :slight_smile:
The idea is not new thought, games like minecraft do this all the time, I know this is the future of the games, but I dont beleve its already coming up.
I think the software technology already exists, the problem resides on the hardware and internet links etc, I think it will hold the game evolution for a while…

they shoulda bought this tech off THQ before they went out of business, made it much better because MS has the money. This game was made in 2009. I wonder what 6 years and MS money would have done to this .

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Looks really cool and clever - 0 interest in playing it though

I’d bet money it will be a buggy mess a year after release

It’ll be a buggy mess until everyone playing it has a gigabit internet link :confused:

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I find what they’ve done to be fantastic… but at the same time, requiring the cloud, and sometimes multiple servers there is bound to end you paying either mensualities or a per hour additional cost… that will on top of that, mostly end up in the hands of cloud operators, not game developers?

Add to that the obvious push towards terminal computers to combat piracy and force people to spend more on their software… and it kinda starts looking gloomy?

Or is all that nonsense?

I think its a bit of paranoia of you :P.
But talking serius, I watch again this video and I didnt notice anything very extraordinary for 2 reasons :

  1. Whey they say the world is completely physical they are lying, you can see like the floor is not physical for example, the only thing physical is some walls and some buildings, I guess just a couple of buildings at the center of the map.

  2. Microsoft is already said this idea may not work because of the current internet links speed.

Interesting though that these kind of videos are “ok” now again… 10 years ago a video about falling skyscrapers would have probably resulted in the cancellation of the game or so…

(Don’t get me wrong: it was stupid back than also, but this is interesting from a “how are games seen in society” point of view)