I'm quite new to the JME but i really think that the method setHeightScale is buggy

What i mean is that it's only used to give the scaled height getScaledHeightAtPoint.

However there is no real impact on the Height scaling at all.

In order to scale the height we use the standard scaling vector when creating the terrain page.

So logically speaking if u setHeightScale to a different value and use getSCaledHeightAtPoint you will always get a wrong height point.

So this method is either useless or has a bug.

The way to get the correct height value is getHeight from the terrainpage or terrainblock that the heightmap is applied.

Also there is no way to refresh the heightmap data in abstractheightmap. Something like to send another heightmap and copy the values to this one.

This is all as I understood so far :slight_smile:

Please correct me if i'm wrong somewhere