Accepted newsarticle on

A while ago I sent in a news article for jME on, one of the biggest game development sites in the world. I figured I would receive an e-mail if and when they accepted my article, but apparently they just posted it shortly after my submittal ;D

Anyways, yay, we got our news posted :slight_smile: Get over there and drop a comment if you’re a regular! Also let me know if you have some jME related news that might make it in there, but you are too “busy” (yeh sure :stuck_out_tongue: ) to do it yourself, and I could consider writing something on your behalf, so long as I get to mention jME in some way or another :slight_smile:

Suggestions for other strictly jME-related articles are also most appreciated. There is for instance a lot to be said right now about Java as an emerging language for games. Ideas?

For those looking for it, the posting was made Sunday, August 9, 2009