Access Terrain

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uhm, still playing araound with jME3 and TerraMonkey, I wonder how I can I use the terrainEditor to terrain to a scene, load the scene up - how can I access the bounds of of the floor and the floor’s position programatically?

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TerrainEditor Alpha CollisionShape - YouTube

Thanks, I already saw this.

But still I don’t know how to get the attributes. I just know coordinates and bounds after I collided with a ray, but I need it front-up without user interaction.


Huh? What more info do you need than the collision location? Check the picking tutorial.

Sorry if I was unprecise :wink:

I want to get to know the coordinates of the ground plus its coordinates on app startup just after it has been rendered.

I thought I could only ouse a ray when I click on the ground or at least look at it, thus on an event.

No, you have to use rays for any “where is that geometry bound” check. For terrain you can go getHeight(Vector2f) but since the ray is using that its not much less effective on terrain and additionally it tells you about the location also when you have “normal” geometry. The default way of making a character “follow” the terrain is actually exactly this, raycasting each frame and then adapting the y location accordingly.

Okay, thanks!

I think I got it now. Still not 100% but I am trying and improving :slight_smile: