Account deletion


I’ve been trying out JME a while ago and would like to delete my community account now. Unfortunately the site seems to lack that feature. Would be great if you could improve and (meanwhile) delete my account.

krgds, xyz / o19

One question comes to mind…

Why would you want to delete your account?

Another: why even start a thread and not contact one of the admins via pm?

As you can see he is pretty much obliviated, so you’re not gonna get much out of him :stuck_out_tongue:

As for “why delete your account?”, I do think any for-good site should be okay with this, seeing as some people are quite nervous about sharing any type of information about themselves in the public domain, even the only thing pointing back to them is an e-mail address.

I would have liked it if we could enable self-deletion, but the way BuddyPress does it is just a little too brutal: They don’t even keep the username for the post’s reference, so we end up with this strange nameless poster. That also makes it fairly impossible for any user to retrieve their account, should there have been a slip-up.