Actual Terrain

Is there a way in JME3 with TerraMonkey to create terrain for Cartesian, UTM, Geocentric or Geodectic data?

There are no built-in reprojection tools right now. But it wouldn’t be too hard to make.

You could manually change the mesh by digging down through the terrain quad until you get to the TerrainPatches, these are the actual geometries that are a unit square grids (one vertex every unit).

There is a sort of factory class that generates the terrain mesh called LODGeoMap. You could subclass TerrainPatch and use your own subclass of GeoMap that will reproject the points in the grid and then create the mesh from that.

The terrain editing tools, and methods such as get/setHeight() probably won’t work (you might have to modify them) and the bresenham terrain picker will definitely not work. So custom intersection would have to be created, or just fall back onto the default mesh-ray intersection (which is slow on large meshes).

If you are interested in implementing this, I can help you along the way with guidance and help make TerrainQuad more flexible for gis-world’s needs.

I am going to start looking into it more soon. I will have more time in about a month to devote to it. Thanks.