Add a Light source, more Objects(meshs?) will be created in Scene

Hello Everybody : :?

I have a question about add light source, When I add a light source (PointLight or DirectionalLight) into a Scene ,the quantity of Objects will have a large increase.When I need add more light source into Scene ,the more extra Objects will be created, So run speed of the program is very slow ,is this normal ? or another reason?

only one DirectionalLight


two DirectionalLight


some DirectionalLight and some PointLight(total:10+light source)


Yeah, this is fine. It's due to the nature of multipass lighting; the same object must be re-rendered for every light in the scene.

To improve performance, use less lights. There's no reason why such a simple scene should use 10 lights or more. Additionally, reducing the number of objects the scene initially has will also help a lot.