Add Terrain to Scene Explorer HELP!


I’m trying to create a new terrain, but once generated, when I try to modify it, I got the message :

" You must select a node to add the terrain to in the Scene Explorer Window "

And that’s right my new terrain isn’t the the list of the Scene Explorer !

I don’t know how to add terrain on this list, or how to select a node… :frowning:

I’m really blocked ! Thanks for your help

the “scene explorer window” is a little window in the bottom left corner that has all the nodes in the scene. you need to click on the node that is your terrain, i think it is terrain something by default, in order to modify it again.


I see now that you say it isn’t in the list… this may not be helpful to you then


When i did a new terrain it generated a .j3o file for it in the project explorer, if you click on this you should be able to see the node in the scene explorer

i wish i had the SDK up to show you but i am at work :frowning:

You just need to select the root node in the SceneExplorer.

I’ve found that after opening the new scene once in the SceneExplorer/terrain editor, I had to open it one more time for the SceneExplorer to populate properly (updating didn’t work).