Adding a model after a characterControl doesn't show up at cursor

Hi ,

when i try to add a model without character control and i do an " adding " to my scene it goes okay to the cursor.

But when i want to add a model with a character control it always pop at the position : 0,0,0 and never at the cursor , is there anything i can do ?

Yes, reading the manual. You have to move the CharacterControl, the spatial is oved to its location of course, because you move using the character control…

So i have to move it manualy by using coordinates ? what manual are you talking about O_o ?

The one you see when you press F1? Or the wiki, which is the same content?




F1 is not working i don’t know why lol but thank you i’ll check the wiki

Man, is it so hard to find a Manual??? Just go to the help menu then… Gosh…