Adding a video file inside a SimpleApplication class


I don’t know where I should put this post. Feel free to move it, if it’s not in the correct category :slight_smile:

The development of my game has become fairly advanced and I start to wonder if there is a way to launch extern video file inside a SimpleApplication class.

For cinematics for example :slight_smile:

JME3 has some classes to support sound files ( OGG and WAV ) but I didn’t find anything about video files ( like AVI, MKV, etc… )

I think I can find some library on the net for launching those files but … if the work has already been done … :slight_smile:

If some people have already solved those problems on their game, I will be glad to to know what you chose !

Thanks in advance

There’s a bit of information about it in our previously posted roadmap:

Ok, thanks for the information.

My game is still not nearly finished - I was just wondering if JME3 is ( will ) support something like that or if I will have to look on the net.

I will delay this task in my todo list :slight_smile: