Adding text challenges to your JME game

Hi, I’m creating a basic game in JME and have managed to create a setting, a moving character and a camera that follows. One thing I wanted to do is have my character interact with certain things and answer questions. The game is supposed to be somewhat educational so the character would perhaps go up to a non-playable character and have a conversation. However, I am unsure as to what the best way of doing this is. Is it possible to create a text conversation (maybe a bit like oblivion)? If so, how would I do it? Cheers for any help

Basically possible yes, but jme will only help you with the physics,character and rendering stuff.

The dialog system is something very game specific, and you need to find one/build one yourself.

To upside is, you can basically write it as a simple console application that kinda goes
ListOfString out and number of answer in.(Plus probably something like the queststate used in morrowind engines)
So you can develop it separated from the rest.

This can later than easily combined with any of the gui systems that exist for jme.