Adding the malebuilder model to the project

Hello guys. This may sound dumb, but I’m having trouble with the malebuilder model from the WorldForge AssetPack.

I’d like to use it as an NPC character in my game. The model is split into five parts which I can move and animate separately, but it’s a pain, especially if I want to add the model multiple times.

Also, there seems to be an issue with its eyes. They are not visible from the front, even though they are positioned together with the other parts. I’ve tried changing their translation and rotation and I’ve managed to make them visible, but they still look pretty weird.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to unite the different parts into one model?

Also, what can I do to fix the eyes issue?

Thanks in advance.

You can combine the models in one j3o file, just create a new scene and then “Add to SceneComposer” the parts from the AssetPack browser. For the animation there is no solution apart from animating the parts the same in code. I didn’t try adding the eyes yet, no idea about that.

Thanks for the response, normen.

Using the SceneComposer method I can combine models and add them to my game, however this does not help me with the NPCs.

When I use

[java] AnimControl npcAnimControl = npcModel.getControl(AnimControl.class);


it throws a NullPointerException…

Guess I’ll have to animate every part separately.

Thank you for your time.

Look at the resulting model in the SceneExplorer. There are multiple AnimControls. Thats why I said “animating the parts the same”.