Adding transparent parts to sides of textures

Hi all,

I'm trying to paint a non-power-of-2 texture over a Quad.

The texture is a photo for which I absolutely need no scalingresizing to be done,

and the size of the Quad is the size of the photo image.

What I'm building has to work on station with graphic cards that don't support such textures.

By default, in such a scenario, the texture gets re-sized to power-of-2 sizes.

So, what I wish to do is pad the texture on its right and bottom with "blank pixels" to begin with,

and have jMe paint only the non-blank part of the texture (the photo) over the Quad.

… How can I programmaticaly add those blank parts to the texture?

… This is a good way to go about, right? i.e. would this work?


several option, convert the image before diaplysing it with any tool, like jai

load it to a texture,

create the next bigger texture + its image (jme classes)

fill the image with the loaded image data, for all free pixels add the correct amount of null bytes to the image data.