Additional files for inclusion in 2.0 release

How about including AUTHORS, LICENSE, etc. in with the 2.0 release? I've put proposals for these up at but basically the LICENSE file is just the BSD license header that's currently replicated in every source file and the AUTHORS file is the preamble below followed by all of the author names I could find in the source files (grep is your friend  :slight_smile: )

JMonkeyEngine was originally created in 2003 by Mark Powell, it was later
enhanced and extended by Josh Slack and is currently maintained by the
community at

Here is an inevitably incomplete list of much-appreciated contributors --
people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations, helped
answer newbie questions, and generally made JMonkeyEngine that much better:

Maybe somebody with more of a history could check that the preamble text is accurate.

Update: as these are new files the TGZ just contains the files directly, it's not a diff. Also, does somebody want to have a stab at a simple README file (I will if I get time over the next few days and nobody has beaten me to it).

That's a good idea, we need to include things like this. I don't know how to compile an authors list though, because many people have helped, but only a few actually put the change in.

Yes, the preamble should defintely be updated to reflect the 'recent' changes in managment…

I also agree w/ nymon and think an author list is going to be difficult and could actually end up having a negative impact.  Also, there is almost no way to get a complete list, my name(s) aren't in there and I have contributed several fixes both before and after the 'change'.

(geesh, thats what I say about my mother in law… "she's going through the 'change' " :smiley: :D).

Maybe we could have a sticky topic here (under contribs perhaps) off all the people that have contributed and they can come and post their names and/or what they have done (they could even come back and change it if they wanted too).  Then just include a link in the documentation…

There are a couple last tasks up for grabs, people please take one.

Creating a readme/change log

Update/Check all license headers in the source

The author list came from grep-ing through the source tree, but I agree that it's obviously incomplete. Setting up a topic for people to mention their contributions sounds like good idea, once it's been done (I think that it needs to be done by a forum admin to make it sticky, right?) I'll include a pointer to it in the authors file.

@basixs: I'll add you to the list  :smiley:

Anybody have an objection to me starting that (sticky) topic?

Fine by me.