Adio Quality

So i have made an adio node :

[java]AudioNode audio_nature = new AudioNode(getMainClass().getAssetManager(), "Sounds/Abient-Sound/mainLand-01.OGG", false);

audio_nature.setLooping(true); // activate continuous playing


getRmNode().attachChild(audio_nature);; // play continuously![/java]

Almost the same as helloAdio or wathever,

But when i play my sound in jm3, it has a little gribzing sound that is not in the original music ogg file,

So any help getting rid of the unwelcomed side sound in jm3? Thanks

*audio (i had to say this)

Jme has sometimes prolems with some ogg files, you can try to import it into a editiong programm and then reexport it again (maybee with a different program), often this does fix it.

Actually the latest version of OpenAL may have some issues … We are still figuring it out.