Advanced terrain flags

I stumbled across an article a few of us have probably aready read, and there are some interesting paragraphs in particular that I believe would be great additions to jmonkey.

The article:

My points in particular:

  • Multi-UV Mixing: Reducing tiling through scalar mixing
  • Random Tiling Masks: Randomize the texture mapping to reduce tiling

Whilst we could argue that the second point is trivial enough to implement by yourself, I think being able to make use of these tricks “out of the box” would be a pleasing addition to combat monotonous terrain and would be used by the majority of users, not just a specific set of us. The screenshots in the article are proof enough that these little tricks of the trade can make a very pleasing difference to what was an obvious tile.

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UV mixing could look decent. If you have a working terrain shader for it I can add it to core.