Advanced water + Skydome

Hello Forum !

I can’t get Advanced water to reflect Skydome(made by shaderblow - really nice by the way …the water too :slight_smile:

I can see the sky.

I can see the water reflecting terrain and other object in my main scene, but not the sky. The water appears black.

I tried different combinations, e.g. having water on rootnode and dome on rootnode, dome on mainNode attached to rootnode and water with reflection scene set to rootnode and vice versa and ect…

The advanced water:

The shaderblow skydome control:

Guessing it has something to do with viewport ??

Bonus question:

When using advanced water with transparent objects, you can not see any water through the transparent object. It just… isn’t there…

Thanks in advance !

Does it appear like that from different angles, or always? I’ve noticed something similar with skyboxes.

Try this on the sky dome:
setModelBound(new BoundingSphere(Float.POSITIVE_INFINITY, Vector3f.ZERO));
and see if it makes a difference.

Hey rickard,

I tried what you said, no difference.

It appears like that always. Angles has no effect. I don’t know how the reflection scene works but it’s not picking up the sky at all…

Hello !

I found a way to fix it. I changed the radius of my skyDome from 5 to 300’000.

I works fine and does not seem to slow the game down at all.