Advice on collision detection code

I am using this code for collision detection for each sphere that the boat has the possibility of hitting. It works fine, but I am just wondering if it could be handled in any better. I am still very new to Java and jME so I take any advice, and any ideas that I can get my hands on. The best way to learn is too be wrong  :P. Thanks.

          Sphere[] checkPointYellowSphereArray = {ya,yb,yc,yd,ye,yf,yg,yi,yj,yk,yl,ym,yo,yp,yq,yr,ys,yt,yu,yv,yw,yx,yy,yz,ya2,yb2,yc2,yd2,ye2,yf2,yg2,yi2,yj2,yk2,yl2,ym2,yo2,yp2,yq2,yr2,ys2,yt2,yu2,yv2,yw2,yx2,yy2,yz2};

  for ( count=0; count <48; count++ ) {
             Sphere sphereNumY = checkPointYellowSphereArray[count];
                if(player.getWorldBound().intersects(sphereNumY.getWorldBound())) {
                             sphereNumY.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(0,-50,0));
                             startSecond -=5;