Afraid to switch to jMP for coding? Introducing asset-only projects for jMP


I implemented support for “codeless” or asset-only projects in jMP. You can now use insert IDE name to code your jME project while still using jMP for editing and managing the assets. For such projects, jMP will not manage any libraries or code files of your project but just display a select folder of the project as a “Project Assets” folder just like in a normal jMP project. You can convert, create and edit all asset type files supported by jMP in this folder.

To create a project:

  • Select File → Import Project → External Project Assets…
  • Specify the root folder of your project
  • Specify the folder where you store your assets (has to be a subfolder of the project folder)
  • Press “Next” & “Finish”

    A configuration file is created in the project folder and jMP opens the project.

    Disclaimer: Fresh code, might have some bugs still and theres no checking if the entered data is correct atm. Latest nightly version needed (enable nightly update center in Tools->Plugins->Settings).