AI info

I don not see any post like this so i figuered i would start something

AI basics:

Since JME isn't a game we would have to make AI so that it is general enough to apply to any game

Making AI code is easy is you start simple and work up to more complex stuff

Level 1: Make a list of possible moves and pick one randomly

few options on doing this

1: use a height map to determine invalid locations eg:image.color@(2,3)>(w/e height is to high),and a boolean array list of invalid positions

2:if it's a tile game you willl have an array stating if spots are open or not so just use that(this works for all board game i belive)

Level 2: Make objectives and pick one

1: if objective A is north and Objective B is south the AI shouldn't go east or west it should pick between the A and B randomly

level 3:sub objectives and weighting

1: Sub-obj A is north and Objective B is south wieght systems usally use integerts


objectives=3 points

sub-objectives=2 points

Objective A is north still and sub-objective B is still south

AI will go north

Level 4: distance weighting

if objective A is north 20 meters and objective B is 600 meters south and we used level 2 you might notice your computer ally going off towards nothing.  He knows it's there but doesn't know it's 580 meters farther away than objective A.


Wieght objectives(3 points)

Wieght Sub-obj(2 points)

Wieght distance(3 points)

objective A is 20 meters north=6 points

sub-obj  B is 40 meters south=5 points

(we should make the point system changable)

level 5: thinking ahead::coming soon::

level 6: full blow tatic system::self explanatory but coming soon::

other features recieve commands and info from allies and defence stuff(under attack,evading attacks)

specific game type features

first person shooter:

                            stuff like being shot at dodge,evad,attack,

                            making a note that 30 peple are going for objective A and objective B is out weighted by stay and defend.

                            note that scout spoted 20 people and AI plans a ambush

turn based games

                            plan ahead,lay traps

real time strategy:

                            multiple statiges or "cycles" for specific activities

advanced features

giving AI personality like aggressive,thinker,defensive so forth

by the way i read the first page of Agent Ray Frustrums sounds great.