AI library

I am student and I want for my programming project to make AI library for jMonkeyEngine. I saw some AI plugin, but I don’t know if it has everything that you need from AI. Is there anything about AI that need to be coded for easier game-making?

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Hey! Hello!!!
I’m glad that you would like to some Ai! :slight_smile:

We have AI lib here:
You can check out it with SVN.

If you will check it and will improve it. It would be great. I think even @normen or @nehon or @Momoko-fan can give you some tasks for the lib or give you some kind of guide to improve.

If you checkout the project you will get some test-examples there.

Also found this topic:

Possibly you would like to collaborate together.

Currently the AI library just has some steering code. So not really AI, but useful for it. Ideally it will contain an A* lib (usable on any kind of node graph) and some simple state machines.