Hi Folks

just searched the Forum, but couldn't find what i am searching for.

I made several tests in 2D wanting to move on to 3D back to jme.

My AI makes decision on behaviour through input based on a neural network.

So i started from scratch taking whats already done.

Made up a Grid out of Lines with big boxes as regional boundings.

Put onto a Box as a Player Car and made it a Vehicle.

I wrote my own NumBlockController so i can steer this box through the area.

Next step is to implement an AI Unit.

This should be a sphere, whats really easy.

Now there has to be some Controller my AI can fire Events the same way i do when playing the game.

I don't get the point which entry to choose on the AIController.

I can't build a virtual keyboard with virtual keyinput for my AI, this gets into a real massacre in rewriting all standard classes, there must be some much easier way to do this.

Or is there no Controller i can use till now ?

Then i think i would move on to finish this.

Plz give me a hint or somethin on how to implement an event moving my spatial.

I could do my own implementation with only setting new translations and so on, but this would not be that nice than firing events on some keyboardmanager like the player does when doing input


this was a silly question.

just went shopping and thought about it and found the answer …

thx alot