As you could already see i make different small projects on different related topics.

One of this is AI which has a great meaning in the areas i try to reach.

As there is no AI implementation yet i have started some new Approach i will give to mojo or the others while there are some profits, but as i have really good new books this really looks interesting.

I have started some new article on the wiki and am extending it as i am through it.

There's nothing stolen, all written by myself while reading through all the different areas of AI and Game Programming i want to touch as many fields as possible to provide a framework, which can easy be implemented.

This is not for starting something new ! It's work i have to do to make my further decisions for the future so don't ask me to participate in something that is beyond my knowledge.

I will try to catch up everything which fascinates me but all time by time and for the beginning there's the AIGama framework which shall be a great addition to my distributed services approach in different ways.

Those Wanted listed in the Wanted List are the first steps i will go through

There's more to come even things beyond A* and stuff like that but as i said all by time.

I am happy to have this great community as input and look forward to doing more than the only implemented Basic Chase and Evade Controller, maybe i can really finish the Chase and Evade Section today, we'll see

You will find my article here:

I will be happy for any participation or help anyway

Greets Cream

The material looks pretty interesting, i read your first article, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Would you like any help with grammar? I can follow behind you reading it and fixing grammar errors if you like, otherwise, I'll leave it for you to finish.

Looks great, very interesting reading.

yeah mojo i would be pleased to get help in grammar :slight_smile:

I try to give my best but it's low since i have not spoken english for that long time