Airborne Vehicles and Drifting

Hello Jme3 Community,

I’m working with the VehicleControl and after several hours of work I was able to get the suspension, compression, damping, etc… variables all set up the way I wanted. I am now looking for a way to prevent the vehicle from flipping while airborne. I do not want the vehicle to flip while airborne and I would like for it to always land on its wheels. Is there any simple way to do this? If not can someone please point me in the right direction on where I should start researching for a solution to this problem? Would a solution be more likely to be found in the Physics Space Settings (Gravity?) or Vehicle Variables?

Since I’m already writing this post I figured I’d also go ahead and ask about drifting. I want to implement key-event based drifting (I.E. Only drift when a key is pressed). Is this something that can be easily done by modifying friction variables? I’ll admit I haven’t looked into this in depth yet but I figured someone might have tips on handling drifting. The end goal is to have a drifting system similar to that of Mario Kart.


Well I would cheat a bit with this, test if the vehicle is not on the ground, and apply a small force to rotate it upright.