All I Want Is To Make A Damn Terrain!

Like the title says, all I want is to make a fucking terrain. Is that so hard to explain. How is anyone supposed to understand the damn engine when you cant simple state how to make a map in your engine editor whatever.

Just a FUCKING tutorial on making a FUCKING map is all I want, NOT FUCKING CODE. Just how to make the damn map on your fucking EDITOR bullshit!!! That’s all I want. None of your FUCKING USELESS tutorials tell how to make the fucking map!!!

Your fucking useless JMonkeyPlatform is bullshit!!! Would it kill you all to make a FUCKING tutorial on how to use the DAMN THING!!!

Nice!! reminds me of a Limp Bizkit song.

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Making a “fucking terrain” either uses a heightmap which is described very good in the docs… or a model which is created in a modeling program like blender.

Its not the monkeys duty to write you tutorials how to use a thirdparty program. Just ask google for that.

Seriously… Visit this site… its German but meh. A translator will do it if needed.

Here, this should be better for you to create games:

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The ‘create map’ button is next to the ‘create MMO’ button. It’s just a bit smaller so you might not be able to see it as easily on first glance.

just press the “make my super-awesome-better-than-anything-else-out-there game for me” button, silly.

Hmmm, I’ve been scouring this site and several others for creating a game. It was very clear to me. Let’s see, a black & white image, use the x^2 formula for size, black is bottom white is top, everything in between is some other level of terrain!

Speaking of fucking terrain, does anyone have an idea if it’s better to use one giant model or height map, can JME still ‘clip’ the portions of the terrain model outside the camera view?

And for caves, I’m going with the idea of creating a ‘trench’ or ‘lake’ on the height map and a model for the top of the cave?

juselessengine said:
FUCKING tutorial

juselessengine said:

Or, I'm guessing a little... more specifically:

Someone had to.
anemoi said:
Speaking of fucking terrain, does anyone have an idea if it's better to use one giant model or height map

Just from playing around with the terrain, if you are going to texture the terrain if you make a large terrain you can only map it with 3 textures as far as I know. Because it maps a texture to an RGB channel. If by giant model, you mean like a large scene from blender or 3dmax, then the answer would be it depends on your game. Making a model in 3dmax / blender gives you a lot of flexibility in texturing your level.

I could be very wrong but that is just what I have seen from playing around.

Now only if you could use JME heightmap to create your terrain then it produced a blender model for you to texture yourself ;)

The heightmap is more efficient than a model, especially for collision/dynamic changes etc.