All models red (no material)

After last jME SDK plugin update, all the models loaded has no material nor texture. They are actually loaded, but they are all red. This is a sample from the output:


WARNING: Cannot locate wood for model Models/woodenStick/woodenStick.mesh.xml

16-nov-2011 22.47.22 com.jme3.scene.Node attachChild

INFO: Child (woodenStick-geom-1) attached to this node (woodenStick-ogremesh)


My asset directory structure is:



Content of woodenStick.mesh.xml:




<submesh material="wood" usesharedvertices="false">


Content of woodenStick.material


material wood


receive_shadows on






Any idea why the materials are no longer loaded?

I can load models like that just fine. Can you post a test case?

default assets from jme-test-data are loaded correctly. Also, one (!) of my models is loaded correctly

But then why all of a sudden all the others are not?

I uploaded a jME SDK test case project here:

you should use uv mappping, and your file name of .mesh.xml should be same with .metarial !

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