All my JME2Physics packages got the wrong name!

every single class in the jme project have a error on it, and it's because of the package, and the references to the packages too… it's like this:

package com.jmex.physics.impl.jbullet;

import com.jmex.physics.CollisionGroup;
import com.jmex.physics.PhysicsNode;
import com.jmex.physics.PhysicsSpace;

public class JBulletCollisionGroup extends CollisionGroup {

it's on the package "" << which have a VERY strange name O.o
any ideas on wth happended? (i don't even remember when this happened)

are you using eclipse?

make sure that you set the correct source folder for jbullet:

project->properties->java build path -> source ->

->  jmephysics/impl/jbullet/src

im using netbeans, and the worse, jBullet is just a instance, ALL my packages (or the classes) got the wrong name!

Edit: since i had the briliant idea to build and clean (what CLEANS and BUILD(wops, error, now u don't have the .jar)

so i decided: SHIFT+DEL and redownload it.

while downloading the source codes from googlecode i noticed this line:

A  C:/jME2/jME2Physics/impl/jbullet/src/com/jmex/physics/impl/jbullet/

is it ok to have "/impl/jbullet/" twice? won't it create a package with the name:


As CD says, your source path is wrong.

There would be no problem with "" as a package name, the same words can appear as many times as you like. In this case tho, the package should just be "com.jmex.physics.impl.jbullet"

Im an eclipse user, not netbeans, but it should be as simple as right click on the project in netbeans and with "source" selected on the left look in the "source package folders" on the right.

Remove whats already there for jbullet, and add a new folder choosing "C:/jME2/jME2Physics/impl/jbullet/src/"

that was the problem, it had a extra line that had a copy of all the packages on it, so it screwd it all ;D

No problem, glad it gets you moving again :slight_smile: