All objects hiding when one gets out of the view (Oclusion)


My problem is following.

I sucessfully import 4 models into jme sceneGraph and into SimpleGame.

When I'm looking around the scene all objects disappear when the first imported objects gets out of viewport.

That means, when I don't see the first imported object I don't see nothing. I it is in viewport i see what I'm supposed to see.

Any idea?


missing updateGeometricState?

try updating the model bounds as well

I tried to do it and it did not help.

The scenario is following:

I generate one TriMesh and add import one .obj or .3ds object.

The .obj or .3ds object is always visible.

The TriMesh object is visible only when .obj or .3ds object is visible.

The update model did not help ;(

Any idea?

Thank a lot lot!



The problem really was in the model bounds.

I did not set following for the TriMesh:

mesh.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());


Now it's working just fine!