Alle ressources in jar file

Hi @all,

how do i put all resourcess (asset.jar, libs ) and the app into one jar file?

Zip it for distribution? Otherwise you dont want to do that, keeping the stuff modular makes it easier to update the game on the user side. You could unpack all jars and combine them to one using the ant build.xml if you really have to do it. Read about ant to learn more about that.

"Zip it for distribution? " yes.

Ur right, i will keep it modular.

so that the app can find the libs i must set the classpath to the lib folder and to find the ressources i must add a Zip-Locator to the assetManager, right?

No, with jMP it works right out of the box, you just need to double-click the main jar file, its got all the classpath stuff to the lib/ folder with assets included.

Thx, it is strange, i tried it at the first time.and it dont worked.

the app couldnt find the ressources.

now its working.

The other way would be to write a own updater, that opens the ressource.jar (or whatever) as a zip file and modifies the files in there.