Aloha fellow Monkeys

Hi all,

I’m back :slight_smile:

Been working on boring financial banking software and no time for other projects, hoping to make some time soon though.

Anything much happened in the last few years? Any old faces still around? How’s everyone doing?



Hey welcome back Tim !
Well not much… Or actually too much :stuck_out_tongue:
Engine development is still going on, at a slow pace sure… but still on.

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Nothing much over the past 2 years just …

PBR shaders
Shader nodes
soft bodies
better rendering pipeline
Ditching of opengl 1 (Thank god)
x-buf importer
light probes (for PBR reflection)
upgraded lighting passes (with better performance)
Scene level material parameter overrides

… and those are just the ones I am using lol


And gltf support… which hopefully is finally-for-real-this-time-no-seriously-I-mean-it the answer to the asset pipeline prayers. :wink:

I’m still kicking around. Glad to have you back, @zarch


We really did all that stuff? we’re good…


Nice to meet you @zissis, it sounds like a lot has happened. Shader Nodes was still a work in progress when I was last seriously monkeying around :slight_smile:

Hey @nehon and @pspeed, nice to see you again :slight_smile:

Are you still working on Mythruna @pspeed?



Long story long… about a year ago life had me so tightly by the balls that I basically quit all game development completely. There is very much about my life that is more like “single father of three” than “husband and father of two” and it was getting overwhelming. I still hung out here. I also walked around with a sad defeated face for like six months.

It seemed like every time that I’d get into some productive run, my wife would have another accident. I think the past two years it feels like she spent half her time in a wheel chair. I’ve made modifications to my house to support that, etc…

Since Thanksgiving (third week of November for the majority of the world that does not celebrate turkey day)… I’ve been trying to find time to work on things again. I spent all of that week pushing my various MOSS projects forward (MOSS = Mythruna Open Source Software… or a set of libraries I’m extracting to open source including the block library, physics, AI, etc…). Over the Christmas holidays I made a little more progress on the physics engine.

About a month ago, I reorganized my life around a custom combination of “productivity hacks”. This has worked so monumentally well that I’m still really excited about it a month later (I can write more about that if anyone is interested). Suffice it to say, I’ve averaged about 1.5 hours a day on JME related work, practiced guitar every day, and made significant dents in my house-cleaning “projects”… without increasing my stress load at all. In fact, the opposite. I’m kind of excited to get up every day.

Anyway, assuming this doesn’t all come crashing down around my knees in a few weeks… this should lead to at least some bit of steady progress.

tl;dr: yeah, a bit.


Ouch, it sounds like you’ve been through a rough patch. I knew your wife’s health wasn’t so great a few years back but it sounds like you’re hanging in there and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I always had a lot of respect for your work, so it would be a real loss if you weren’t able to continue.

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So sorry to hear about your wife’s health - hope she’s doing better now.

I’d love to hear more about this! I’ve been trying to figure out (and rather dismally failing at times) how to juggle a number of deadlines, my personal software projects, & the things my wife needs me to do around the house.

Same - I have learned a TON from looking through various bits of code written & published by @pspeed (and from a few good “now why would you do it that way?” conversations on here).


I won’t pollute zarch’s thread with it and I’d planned to maybe to an official “JME” targeted post about it in the future.

However, I did make a post about it to the Mythruna forums and even though it’s targeted to that audience, the information is the same:

I hope to turn the tracking into a web app soon. Then I might be looking for alpha/beta testers at some point.

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Read through your post on the Mythruna forum. If you do post a similar thread here I’ll give a better response, but for the moment I’ll just say that I’m going to give the spreadsheet a try. When you’re ready for alpha testers for your web app drop me a PM and I’d be happy to give it a go.

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