Alphamap becomes more transparent with distance

Well I have the problem that my tress get more transaprent with distance.

They use a alphamap and have alpha discard set at around 0.5f

Is ther a way to reduce this, and prevent the trees from becoming sceletons?

Seems you have the green thumb, everything grows around you :wink:

Its possible the mipmaps are somehow scaled incorrectly. Maybe the alpha isn’t summed up right.

I ended up with this problem in Mythruna too when I first added leafy trees. My solution may not have been the optimal one but when my alpha is above some certain threshold then I mix in black and make that pixel opaque based on distance. Or something like that.

If you find no better solution then I can provide more details… but I’m also interested in what you find.

Edit: added the missing “based on distance” in the first paragraph.

It’s the mipmaps. I have code for this but it is not finished, and it woun’t be for some time (working on water now).

Based on this stuff btw.