Altering Model's vertex at runtime


Currently I'm trying to figure out how I can dynamically change a model's vertex layout at runtime. I've discovered that I can get the VertexBuffer  and convert it to a Vector3f-Array thanks to the BufferUtils. However, finding out which vertex is located where is hard to figure out.

Does jME have some utility or way to make this easier besides iterating over all Vector3f's? If not I might be interested in making such a utility but since I haven't of the "VertexBuffer" untill an hour ago, I might have alot of questions. I'd presume many people walked this path before me since any decent game nowadays has a character creation module build in where everything can be customized.

Perhaps my approach is wrong from the beginning and I should tackle the problem from a different angle?

Any advice is welcome.

Ultimately I'm hoping to create a "Model Editor" where I can change the appearance of a model realtime.

Check out using Blender and the HOTTBJ exporter – it may be just what you are looking for!

That was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

I was already busy building a prototype using the exact same algorithm Blaine was using and had succes with making a sphere out of a cube with a slider… seems he already build an entire toolset arround morphing!  XD I should definitely check it out.

Thanks for the heads up!