Alternative to JBullet

Hi everyone,

I was writing some java (swing) code when I wanted to use JBullet then I realised it has not been maintained since 2010

I tried to use it but LWJGL bundled with jBullet is trying to launch OpenAL32 on my 64 bit computer wich lead to errors

so I tried downloading a more recent version of LWJGL, but then my whole project gets flooded with errors

as JMonkey uses jBullet ( if I recollect well :slight_smile: ) I though maybe you guys could help


Somethings mixed up here. Neither jbullet nor native bullet use OpenAL.

the JBullet demo use LWJGL

actualy the plan is to make jbullet work but in the end I wont even use opengl

but if there was some other bullet ports for java…I am interested

As said, you don’t need OpenAL or LWJGL to use jbullet.

It’s likely that jbullet itself, being a physics engine, does not depend on LWJGL. But a demo app for it probably needs to show you cool stuff on screen, and that’s why it would use LWJGL. Try writing your own barebones one, or find an existing more abstract demo.