Am i on the right track?

Hello all.  Im new to the area of 3d and game development but not new to java. I need to develop a very basic road simulation program to read in real time data and then represent this in 3d. Im only aiming for a perfectly straight bit of road with a series of cars (rectangles will also do for now) moving along the road at a fixed speed.

I am going to use Java as i am most familur with this language, and after looking into Java 3d then JOGL etc etc i came across jME, which seems like the quickest/easiest solution. I thinking Java + jME + Blender (for the basic models)  is the way to go? Just want to check before i spend all my time learning jME for no reason.



OK i got it working on Java now. most examples work except the terrain ones for some reason. It all compiles fine but it just doesn't render correctly. I get a few green polygons scattered around and i can navigate them but doesnt look like it should.

Anyway i dont need terrain for now so ill just ignore it lol

still, in order to avoid future problems you should find out why that happens.

what's your hardware configuration?

Sounds pretty straightforward.  :slight_smile:

ok great. Ill get cracking on reading the tutorials and src files on the cvs then.  :smiley:

Ive managed to get jME working with Eclipse on Gentoo using JDK 1.4.2 . Couldnt get Eclipse to compile using JDK 1.5, do you think using 1.4.2 is ok?



jME cvs is 1.5 only if I'm not mistaken.

you're not

Im using a laptop with a i810 driver for the onboard intel 855gm graphics and openGL v1.2 under gentoo linux. ive just figured out direct rendering is not working so maybe that is the problem?