Amazon Appstream is public

My request is, if someone could make Jmonkey work with amazon appstream, it would be great.

I was learning C++ while Appstream was in closed beta since I was chosen for the beta. But since Appstream is now public I think someone should create wrapper classes to interact with the C++ Amazon Appstream.

Any thoughts are welcomed. Monkeys assemble!!

I’m confused. I thought you wanted to do it. Since you got into the beta haven’t you played around with it a bit already?

@erlend_sh My “playing around a bit” part consisted of me looking at the SDK and finding out that it was based on C++ and not Java. Since this was the case I had to learn C++ and JNI. I’m still in the very very very begining of C++. But since the Appstream is public now I don’t have to rush into learning C++ and JNI anymore. I’ll learn those later do that I know how to support JOGL, LWJGL and gamepads all by myself.

To answer your question. I would totally do this if I KNEW C++ and JNI. Since I currently don’t know, Appstream is useless to me.

Ah I see now, thanks for the briefing. Would indeed be a cool thing to have, but it’ll probably come down to someone having a genuine need for it, and I think it might be a while until services like AppStream will be a natural part of an indie developer’s business model.

Well just a short cost cauclation.

On a 08/15 root at around 40€ per month I can usuayll let at lest 30 people play nonestop (as dozen cs, battlefield ect servers prove)

Their cost is 0.830$ per hour.
So one month would be 0.830$2430=597.6$
So about factor 10 more expensive O.o
So for anything planned to be used a long time this is way to expensive, for apps that are onyl relevant for a very short time, its different (Eg 2 Week appstore peak then its forgotten thos in case of mobile apps, extracting nearly 1$ per hour from your usuers would be a record)

“For example, if one user streams a session for 45 minutes and 30 seconds, and another user streams a session for 120 minutes and 20 seconds, the total amount billed will be for 165 minutes and 50 seconds, which is equivalent to 2.764 hours. At $0.830/hr, these two sessions will incur a charge of $2.29.”

I guess I will never use that, neither as an end user nor as a developer. That offer stinks.