Amazon Fire TV Max

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with this problem. I am trying to run my app on Amazon Fire TV stick and for the most part it works fine on the new Fire TV Max which supports Open GL 3.2.
The problem I am getting is that it’s doesn’t seem to be responding to input.

I have paired a blue tooth mouse (alternatively you can use an app called Mouse Toggle from the amazon store, which emulates a mouse when using the Fire Tv remote.)

Whenever I press select or click the mouse it doesn’t send an event to the Touch Listener. I have also tried pairing the Bluetooth mouse to my android phone and it acts exactly the same. If I touch the screen it works fine, but if I click the mouse it doesn’t respond at all.

I think it is something to do with the GL Surface View because if I use a standard native view it responds fine.

Any ideas?

Without much understanding… Have you tried the regular mouse listener then? If they go through that, it is different from the touch listener.

Thanks for coming back to me.

I think so. I used action listener listening for mouse events. That’s what I use for the windows and Mac OS version. It doesn’t fire an event on android.

I even tried listening to events on the analogue listener but still nothing.

Then one thing is trying both LWJGL 2 & 3. They are also vastly different in inputs. GLFW is what LWJGL 3 uses for example. If it doesn’t work, one could open an issue in their Github page.

I see. Ok, i’ll do some experimenting with both. Thanks.

I didn’t have any luck with this. The click event doesn’t seem to be firing on the amazon device. It’s a real shame because it runs my app perfectly other than that.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions before I start delving into the source in JME-Android.

Thanks in advance.

Another thing you might try is registering a RawInputListener with the InputManager to see if any event at all is coming through.

For any different event that comes through, change something obvious and see if anything comes in.

thanks, I’ll give that a try.