Ambient material parameter

Hello, is there a way to edit “Ambient” material parameter from blender so i dont have to set materials programatically every time?

How are you getting your model from Blender into JME?

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importing it as .gltf

Then the next question is what version of JME?

…because in any recent version of JME, GLTF is imported as a PBR material and there is no ambient color on the material.


ah, alright. Im using jme 3.2

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is this possible that by Ambient you mean AO map?

find this images in below link:

if you have separate AO map then you just take color without Separate RGB node

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Pretty sure 3.2 is the old GLTF loader from before PBR… but I could be wrong.


Seems pretty specific and I interpreted it as material.setColor(“Ambient”) since “Ambient” was specifically quoted. And that further lends evidence to the “not PBR” theory.

Upgrading JME would shift this problem to a different one… and then we’d have to know what OP was really trying to achieve between Blender and JME views.


Okay, thanks for the answers. I’ll play around with it

@Mccurry Have you found a satisfactory solution?

No, i decided to just write a method to reduce the amount of code, but i went with programatically setting said parameter every time.

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