AMD athelon 64 processor

I just was using an AMD athelon 64 processor and tried ruining jme witch crashed before the game started. The problem is most probably the fact that lwjgl dose not support 64 bit pressers, but it may be the graphics card. Dose jogl support 64 bit processors?

There’s no reason LWJGL wouldn’t run on a 64bits processor. The same for JoGL.

It should work. What is your graphic card ? drivers version ?


I’m currently using jme on an Athlon 64 bits with no problem.

for 64 bits, LWJGL does not work in this specific case :

  • processor 64 bits,
  • OS 64 bits,
  • JDK 64 bits,

    It’s because there’s no 64 bits version of the library yet.

    But if you use a 32 bits OS with jme and Athlon 64 bits it works very well.

    (the processor can work either in 32 or 64 bits)


Then it is the graphics card.