An applet with *.3ds object texture problem


This time i would like to ask if there is a solution to the following issue.

In an applet i loaded a 3ds object with the MaxtoJME converter.

This 3ds object has some textures (the whole object is created in 3d studio max).

When i run the signed(so i don't get an security error) applet it nicely shows the 3ds object but not the texture on it.

JME shows its own "no texture found" on the object.

What i guess is the problem is that the 3DS Object points to a local folder asking if the texture is there. But this texture is offcourse not locally available.

Could somebody point out what my options are ?

For people stumbling on this post and having the same problem.

I found a solution on this forum and it is:

TextureKey.setOverridingLocation(new URL("http://<site/location containing the images>"));

full code:

            Node modelNode = null;  
            BinaryImporter bi = BinaryImporter.getInstance();               
            TextureKey.setOverridingLocation(new URL(""));
            ByteArrayOutputStream bytearrayoutputstream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();      
            MaxToJme maxtojme = new MaxToJme();
            maxtojme.convert(sourceURL.openStream(), bytearrayoutputstream);              
            modelNode = (Node)bi.load(new ByteArrayInputStream(bytearrayoutputstream.toByteArray()));

Cool, kudos on coming up with the answer.