An early look at Pocket Game Studio

A very early look at Pocket Game Studio. I still have a long ways to go, but I don’t think the progress is too bad for only being at it for a bout a week.


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Very nice!
Are you running it with the emulator?

Yes. it was just easier than trying to film my phone. A hardware device actually gives much better frame rates.

Sorry I went quiet on this. I have a tendancy to do that when I’m hacking code… I haven’t even checked my email in 3 days. PGS is ready for its beta release, and I will probably be doing a walkthrough video sometime next week when the kids go back to school. Should I go ahead and release it before the walkthrough so people can play with it or wait until I have it recorded. There is no documentation as of yet save for the jme3 tutorials, but I write better docs when people ask questions. :smiley:

Go ahead and post it. More people will start using it when there’s proper documentation but that’s no reason to hold it off if it’s ready :slight_smile:

Actually spent the last couple of days doing some last minute tweaks to the GUI. It’s been published and as soon as google lets it through, this little pygmy marmosette is in the wild 8)

And it’s out. search the play store for Pocket Game Studio

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A tweet is inbound :stuck_out_tongue: Did you make a video yet?

You could probably do a better job of describing the app’s key selling points for developers, which I’m guessing would be efficient tweak-and-run workflow and such.

Thank you!

No I haven’t made the video yet. I spent the better part of yesterday working through the logistics of my next project which will be an external plug in for PGS. Kind of keeping what it is under my hat for now because it’s already been attempted twice albeit poorly and I don’t want anyone to beat me to the punch with it. It’s not directly jmonkey related though.

Description has been updated.

Ok my stage freight has determined that there will not be a vide. However, there is now a quick start on my wiki page at (I hope the link is ok jme gets about 4 or 5 linkbacks from me at current count) I would really appreciate it if people would look it over and let me know if I’m missing anything.

Thanks in advance