An error has occured while loading asset

Hope it is the correct section…
I am reading the jme3 beginner tutorials and I have troubles loading the j3m materials (chapter 6) downloaded from the BookSample…
Using Material mat = assetManager.loadMaterial(“Materials/brick.j3m”), i have an AssetLoadException…
Any suggestions?

Could you please post the complete stack trace?

Too many roots in j3m/j3md files… why?

Mmh, could you post the j3m file? This is probably a syntax issue.

I get the same issue with all materials in assets folder of the BookSample

Is there only this declaration in the j3m file? It’s strange, it never happened to me.

Yes, that’s all.
Could you post a j3m file of yours?

I have an idea… Try to replace “My Material” with anything else, maybe even “Foomat”. Just make sure "Material is not in the name.

Ok, now it loads asset correctly, but now i have a new AssetLoadException, it says:
The given image cannot be loaded Textures/BrickWall/BrickWall_normal.jpg (Mipmapped) without a cause…

Ok, issue solved.
The image was corrupted, then I replaced it and now all works perfectly :wink:
Thanks aegroto :wink:

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