An FPS Demo

I made this, it is more a demo than a template, but the code is written to be simple and reusable.
Compiled jar in the releases page.


Great shader tbh

They are just the stock PBR and filters, and MipmapBloom from your ShaderBlowEx :penguin:
I added only the matcap shader used in the skeleton debug, everything else is particles.

Looks cartoonish with nice shadows. I don’t recall such shaders :thinking:

That’s the CartoonEdgeFilter


Thats only the outline. What about the shading?

They are just lights, colors and roughness/metallic values chosed manually to give that look.

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gradlew build run compiles but don’t start the sample…

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Oh well, i guess i didn’t configure it for gradle run. You can start it manually by launching build/libs/fps-demo-XXXX.jar (XXXX is the version)

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java -jar don’t work, nor does double-clicking (because the manifest is missing). Sure, it works while developing, but a project template doesn’t feel truly complete without run out of the box… it’s one of the hassle that the template is supposed to avoid :wink:

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It has a manifest, look at the jar in the release page. That jar is autogenerated with github action using the same gradle command on a clean environment.

I am building this with Gradle 6.6.1, maybe you use an older version?

Note: getting “gradle run” to work should be just a matter of adding the application plugin and setting mainClassName.

Edit: and I thought gradle didn’t add the classpath to the manifest which is why double clicking the jar won’t work.

Guys, there is no need to guess. The code that configures the manifest is there.
Also the repo has an issue tracker that is probably a better place to report issues than this topic.

EDIT: i moved the posts to a new topic

I opened an issue: Inconsistency detected by · Issue #2 · riccardobl/FPSDEMO-jMonkeyEngine · GitHub

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Ain’t that the LWJGL 2 (Linux specific?) bug thing? Related to java version also…?


Thanks. I’ve responded at GitHub.