An indoor room with a skybox

I'm developing my first game. The scenario must be an indoor room and I've read in the forum that the easiest way to do it is using a 'Skybox'. My problem is that I can't find a skybox of an indoor room and I don't have time to do it for myself. Does anyone know where I can find one?

i don't really understand why someone would use a SKYbox (meant for outdoor levels) to make a room. using a skybox means you can't walk round in that room.

And…how would you do it?

I'm just a noob but how about modeling that room? :wink:

well, if it is really just one simple room, you could set up 4 Walls, a floor and a ceiling simply with Quads.

Put a few Textures on it and a LightSource on the Ceiling and it should look ok for a start.

thats how i would do it :slight_smile:

gcanizal said: would you do it?

start milkshape and create a box, a bed, a door, a window and a picture on a wall.

I'll try and I'll share my experience.

Thank you, guys.

the best way to do this would using a model created in modeling tools like maya or 3dmax