An update to Lina

Hi everyone,

I made a small library called Lina last year that contains a new line, which could be used to trace objects.
I rewrote it, so it has more features and can easily be extended.

What can I do with it?

Lina adds two Meshes called LineArray and LineString, which use a bunch a vectors, and connect them together, creating a longer line/curve.
This is great for tracking objects, especially if it’s path is not obvious. Here’s a gif:

How do I use it?

Essential information is given in the README. Honestly, it should be self-explanatory (it uses gradle and simple jME).


Here it is

UPDATE: gif wont play (for me) Here’s the imgur:


I really gotta remember to try this out sometime.


Did you try to put the “Direct link” provided by imgur instead of the “Image link”?