Andriod GuiNode Bug? (not erasing text properly)

Hi folks…just started playing with android side of things today…

I noticed that when I have a guiNode with (bitmapText)

that if change the text and existing text is not as long as the previous text displayed…that the old text that does not overlap continues to displayed…

(fyI: not sure of the proper process to report bugs)

My workaround: (notice I have gazilliion spaces appended).

String androidHack = paramNames.get(currentParam)+" ";


yeah that’s a known issue. I didn’t have the time to look into it.

I don’t get your warkaround…

@nehon said:
I don't get your warkaround...

He just put a bunch of spaces at the end:
[java]String androidHack = paramNames.get(currentParam)+” ";[/java]

oh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has this been fixed yet?

I think @iwgeric fixed it yes.

Yes, this should be fixed now in the latest nightly.

Fantastic! Tested it with the version in SVN and I can confirm it is fixed.