Android: APK "Play" Running Signed APK

Hey guys, I ve got two questions for you:

1- How can I make the Play Icon run my Signed apk instead of the unsigned one?

2- Is there any way in the SDK of configuring wich Activity is the Launcher activity? I mean, obviously this can be edited in the Manifest, but when using the “play” button in the SDK this doesnt work. In android (installing the apk and then running it, it does work with the manifest parameters).
I know that I can change the mobile-impl.xml file inside nbproject to fix this, but Is it ok to modify this file? If I import this project in another SDK will this file be imported to?

I can give more info on 2 if you need.
Thank you very much!

Sorry for the spam, just to make this go to first page so I may get an answer.

You can override targets from any of the -impl scripts simply by copying the target into the main build.xml and changing it to your liking. The -impl scripts themselves get rebuilt on certain occasions, so you shouldn’t edit them manually.

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@normen thank you, I imagine that they get re-built that’s why I don’t want to change them. What I didnt’ understand is what do I have to copy into the main build.xml?

some block like this:
[target name=“blah”]
//stuff happening

Great!! @normen , I’ll check it out.
In my humble opinion, I think It would be great for Android games, to have an SDK friendly way of changing the launcher Activity, and for running signed APKs.
Why do I think this? Well, for example: the Facebook SDK requires a Signed app to comunicate with Facebook servers.
Is there anyway in the forum where I can post such a request? Or is this really nonsense, and just a really particular issue?
Thaks for your time @normen.