Android: AudioNode with absolute filepath

Hi, I know I am able to create a new AudioNode object using the assets manager such as:

AudioNode node = new AudioNode(this.assetManager, “Sounds/MyAudio.ogg”, false);

Is there a way to create an AudioNode object using an absolute file path so as that I can load audio files located on the sdcard?



You should already be able to I think, the assetManager should have a locator for the card. Actually the android deployment should extract the assets.jar to the android assets folder so the sounds can be played properly.

If you copy the file to the following directory, you should be able to use the same AudioNode whether you are on the PC or Android. This means you will have 2 copies of the audio file, but that is necessary to run the project on both PC and Android.


You’ll have to create the assets folder. I don’t think it is created by default.